HR Support to European-based companies

HR Management Services supports European-based companies –already in the US market or starting operations in the United States – to grow and prosper through the effective selection, management, engagement, measurement and reward of employees.

Recruitment, hiring and staffing

Talents with in depth knowledge and experience in a specific field are hard to find and to retain. Most important is to find the candidate who not only ‘can do’ the job but also ‘will do’. How can you make the right choices? How can you create loyalty in an ‘at will’ employment culture? What should you do in terms of benefits for your employees?

Labor Law

Do you want to be sure that you are legal compliant? European laws are different and you can’t just translate an employee handbook for your US subordinate. There are many differences from a cultural and legal point of view. HR Management Services can assist you to make adjustments which are required or useful in the United States.

Expatriate Management

Does your expatriation process only cover the technical and professional aspects or does it also contain personal, social and cultural items? HR Management Services can assist with expatriate programs for increased efficiency and cost effectiveness, and train employees for their experience working abroad so that they can work and live effectively.

HR Support en Consulting

HR Management Services provides businesses with affordable human resources services and solutions. We support European-based companies to develop customized hiring, employment and compensation strategies that keep their HR function compliant in the United States. Many companies need HR support on an on-going basis, but may not be able to add full-time staff. HR Management Services can offer HR consulting and hands-on support for companies who need an experienced professional.

Our services include:

· HR Leadership & Consulting

· HRM Scan

· Supporting Managers / HR Support

· Staffing, Recruitment & Hiring

· On-boarding & Introduction Programs

· Expatriate Management

· Employee Relations

· Human Resource Development

· HR Compliance