Expatriate Management

With an environment of tight resources and new challenges, companies are exploring foreign talent pools and assigning expatriate employees to create new capabilities and opportunities overseas. In an era of increasing globalization and off-shore outsourcing, international assignment of expatriates and third country nationals has become a competitive necessity. HR Management Services assists with expatriate programs for increased efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The expatriation process involves many technical and professional aspects, but also contains personal, social and cultural items, that are often the trigger that make expatriates choose to return to his country ahead of schedule. The root of the problem of an unsuccessful expatriation is the improvisation and the ignorance of the needs of expatriates. Companies must train and prepare employees for their experience working abroad so that they can work and live effectively. The challenge is to embrace not only business issues, but lifestyle, technical and cultural issues as well.

HR Management Services can provide social training for an employee assigned to work in the United States or Europe and for the employee’s family. The training will familiarize the family with local customs, taboos and expectations for social interactions. In a tailor made Cross-Cultural Business training labor relations laws and hiring practices in the host country will be covered, as well as effective leadership styles in the new culture.