HR Compliance

In the United States the workplace and its employees are governed by a large number of regulations. They include enacted legislation on a Federal level, rules published by Federal Agencies, Executive Orders and laws enacted by each state legislature. HR Management Services does not provide legal advice but can help guide you through this maze of regulations.

There are risks for companies that can result from either not implementing legislative requirements or from getting them wrong. If your goal is to be an employer of choice then the first thing to protect is your reputation. Companies can fall behind in legal compliance with the results causing financial loss of from penalties, loss of reputation and avoidable distractions.

HR Management Services analyzes the existing HR practices and programs and creates programs to ensure compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations. They will formulate, develop and implement any policy, procedure or guideline based on your company values and business objectives. Some examples: employee handbook, anti-discrimination and harassment policy, safety policy, guidelines about progressive discipline, leave of absence and social media policy.