HRM Scan

The HRM Scan is designed to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of your HR function as well as assisting in identification and elimination of potential areas of concern. Recruitment, Workforce Planning & Employment Strategies, Compensation & Benefits, Performance Management, Career Management & Mobility, Training & Development, Employee Relations, Health & Safety, Organizational Structure and Leadership will be discussed. The scan results are presented in an objective summary report along with recommendations to serve as the basis in forming more effective, compliant HR strategies and solutions.

The next step involved can be interviews with your management team to both uncover issues and incorporate the view and ideas from those team members who are closest to your operations. The result is an analysis of how your business plans and strategic goals are understood by managers and employees; how engaged are they with your vision and how motivated are they to support you on the road to success?

More and more organizations are recognizing the value of engaging with employees to incorporate their ideas into strategic plans, build teams and resolve issues. Employee surveys are an effective method of carefully monitoring your business. An employee survey can be conducted concurrently with management interviews. The result provides a gap analysis of any disconnection that exists between managers and employees.

A strategic HR plan is then developed to close the gap, address issues and improve both people performance and consequently the resulting effect on business performance. HR Management Services has the expertise to implement your plan or provide coaching and advice to you and your team to achieve all key outcomes.