HR Leadership and Consulting Services

  • HR Management Services can be your HR department by providing services in all functions usually associated with an in-house HR department.

HRM Scan

  • The HRM Scan is designed to evaluate strengths and weaknesses of your HR function as well as assisting in identification and elimination of potential areas of concern.

Supporting Managers / HR Support

  • HR Management Services focuses on helping managers to improve their business performance through improvement of employee performance.

Staffing, Recruitment & Hiring

  • HR Management Services assists you to identify the skills and experience that will get the best result for your business.

On-boarding & Introduction Programs

  • HR Management Services can develop and implement an on-boarding program that is tailored to your business.

Expatriate Management

  • HR Management Services assists with expatriate programs for increased efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Employee Relations

  • HR Management Services can support you by developing programs designed to establish and maintain effective employee relations.

Human Resources Development

  • HR Management Services designs talent management, career development and performance management programs that enable your employees to grow with you.

HR Compliance

  • HR Management Services does not provide legal advice but can help guide you through the maze of regulations.